Spray-In Precidium™ ECS™ Liners

Spray-In PrecidiumTM ECSTM Liners

Geomembranes for Secondary Containment & Primary Containment

No other company matches WEC’s experience, products, techniques and equipment in this field. For a printable version of the information on this site with some extra info, please read our Spray-In Liner Brochure. For third party technical testing documention of PrecidiumTM ECSTM, click here.


Spray In Liner

A Proven Geomembrane

Compared to the traditional sheet liners (HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE), robotically sprayed PrecidiumTM ECSTM liners provide a more robust and reliable containment solution due to their elastic properties and seamless construction.

Polyurea Liners

PrecidiumTM Engineered Containment Solutions (ECSTM) is exclusive to WEC; PrecidiumTM ECSTM is an elastomeric synthetic liner system specifically engineered for secondary containment and primary containment. Its resistance to chemical and physical conditions found in the Oil and Gas sector are unmatched by any other product line. Application can occur in the harshest of environments thus expanding the numerous ideal applications of this technology. Its UV resistance is unmatched in liner technology thus negating the need for ground cover and making visual inspection and repairs quick and cost effective.

A PrecidiumTM ECSTM liner can be applied directly to any contour of substrate and seals directly to any penetrations.