WEC is very experienced with complex liner installations requiring attachment to concrete or metal, keying liner into trenches and accommodating numerous elevation changes. Fort Hills, AB

Spray applied PrecidiumTM ECSTM liners can be installed with expansion slack to allow for settling on new facility construction. Bonnyville, Alberta.

Spray applied polyurea secondary containment liners are ideally installed after all facility construction is complete. Peace River, Alberta.

Sprayed PrecidiumTM ECSTM liner systems do not require piling boots, saving time and money. Lloydminster, Alberta.

Spray PrecidiumTM ECSTM Liners are fused together to form a seamless geomembrane unmatched in strength and durability. Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

The strength and elasticity of robotically sprayed PrecidiumTM ECSTM liners are making it the preferred geomembrane in critical primary containment applications. FortMcMurray, Alberta.

Anti-slip topcoats are highly effective and affordable. Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

Supply and Installation of Duraberm™ Steel corrugated berms on any job. Fort St John, BC.

HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE liner installations have proven to be an inexpensive liner to install with strong chemical resistivity characteristics. Red Deer, Alberta.

Spray applied Precidium™ ECS™ is effectively applied as a tank skirt. Non-slip surface was easily added to the liner for long term operator safety. Taylor, BC.