Precidium™ECS™ Methane/Asbestos Barrier Control

The Highest Performance Barrier Control in the Industry. Durable, Impermeable, Seamless, Seals Directly to Surface at all Attachment Points and Provides Outstanding Hydraulic Conductivity Against Ground Water/Moisture.

Precidium™ECS™ is a spray applied polyurea lining system. The characteristics of this system make it an outstanding choice as a barrier to prevent any type of vapor/particulate matter from moving from one sealed area to another. Examples of ideal uses include:

  • Under slab Methane/Radon/VOC membranes
  • Below grade vertical wall Methane/Radon/VOC membranes
  • Asbestos Abatement/Sealing

The molecular structure of this lining system makes it a highly impenetrable membrane. When these characteristics are combined with the highly elastic/durable nature of this material it forms the most reliable lining system available today.

Product Features:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance characteristics.
  • Spray sealing directly to all penetrations, footings, pile caps, gradebeams, etc. provides a completely seamless and monolithic finish
  • A high durable liner that protects against damaged caused during construction of the slab. Outperforms all other lining systems in independent 3rd party testing
  • Elastic characteristics are ideal to prevent against damage due to ground settlement after construction.
  • Forms a very reliable membrane to prevent groundwater and moisture from seeping into building.
  • Quick cure – dry to touch in 20 seconds
  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as -20 Celsius.
  • Product is 100% solids with 0 VOC’s

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