Quality Assurance

WEC is the only company in Canada to introduce robotics into spray liner application. WEC’s track record for success and quality in the field is unmatched in the industry. Each technician has undergone rigorous training and manufacturers certification.
A multi-step QA / QC process is adhered to for every pre-sprayed PrecidiumTM ECSTM Liner.

Accurate recording of pressures, temperatures, rates of travel speed for the robot and systematic testing for mil thickness on the final product ensures accuracy on all liners.

In collaboration with Quantum, Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) specifications have been created for the PrecidiumTM ECSTM product line – an industry first. Combined with the precision of robotics, also an industry first, quality assurance and quality control is guaranteed thus ensuring Directive 55 compliance on your next primary and secondary containment installation.


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