Precidium ECS | Geomembrane | Western Engineered Containment
Liners provide a more robust and reliable containment solution due to their elastic properties and seamless construction
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Precidium™ECS™ Spray – Applied Polyurea

The Highest Performance Geomembrane in the Industry - Durable, Seamless, and Elastic

Precidium™ECS™ is a spray applied polyurea lining system. The physical characteristics of this system make it an outstanding design choice for engineered containment. Ideal product applications include,but are not limited to:

  • Tank Farms, Compressors, Ponds, (ECS™ 550)
  • Fire – Rated and High Temperature Environments (ECS™ 150D FR)
  • Sub-slab Methane/Radon Barrier (ECS™ Vapor Barrier)
  • Asbestos Abatement (ECS™ Asbestos Barrier)
  • Waterproofing (ECS ™ Waterproofing)
  • The molecular structure of this lining system makes it a highly impermeable membrane (1x 10-12 cm/s) . When these characteristics are combined with the highly elastic/durable nature of this material it forms the most reliable lining system available today.
Product Features
  • Outstanding chemical resistance characteristics ECS ™ Chemical Resistance Charts
  • Mechanically and Chemically sealed directly to all penetrations, footings, pilings, etc. providing a seamless and impermeable lining system.
  • Elastic characteristics are ideal to prevent against damage due to ground settlement, frost heave, stresses/strains, piling boot failure.
  • Robotic pre-fabrication provides unmatched QA/QC
  • Last-in, last-out allows for unencumbered and streamlined facility construction and reduced project costs
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Hydraulic conductivity < 1 x 10-12 cm/s
  • Ideal for extreme temperature environments (-50c < T < 200c)
  • Quick cure – dry to touch in 20 seconds
  • Product is 100% solids with 0 VOC’s
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